We talk about Tero in the media in 2019

On parle de Tero dans les médias en 2019

A portrait of the entrepreneurs behind Tero

2019 - Médias - Journal de Montréal

February 2019

A portrait of the entrepreneurs behind Tero was produced in the business and finance section of the Journal de Montréal.

"The compost bins may soon become obsolete thanks to Elizabeth Coulombe and Valérie Laliberté, the businesswomen behind Tero. The company is at the base of a household appliance capable of reducing food waste by fertilizing in a few hours. In less than two years, the initiative has won multiple awards for women entrepreneurs and their reputation in the field of eco-responsible innovation in Quebec is well established."

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The weekly newspaper in the Abitibi region L’Éclat talks about Tero

2019 - Médias - Journal hebdomadaire Abitibien L’Éclat

March 2019

Originally from Val-d’or in Abitibi-Témiscamingue, our co-founder Valérie gave an interview for the weekly newspaper L’Éclat.

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Industrial design file in Les Affaires

June 2019

We are very happy to have collaborated on the file that looks at our profession of industrial designer in the newspaper Les Affaires.

"Having a positive impact is part of our training, but also part of our core values" – Elizabeth

"It’s not just a trend, it’s an element that must be part of our decisions from now on" – Valérie

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Advertising in Le Journal de Québec and Le Journal de Montréal

2019 - Médias - Journal de Montréal et Journal de Québec

October 2019

It’s already been a year since we won the prestigious Pierre-Péladeau scholarship of $35,000!! Thank you to Quebecor for this great advertisement in Le Journal de Québec and Le Journal de Montréal!