Tero is featured in the media in 2021

Nouvelles - On parle de Tero dans les médias en 2021

Tero is featured in Le Quotidien

Nouvelles - Tero dans le journal Le Quotidien

March 2021

This article highlights Tero's journey from its first steps as a graduation project to the successful company it is today.

"When we started our project, we never imagined that our device would take on this scale. It started out as a simple idea and turned into a career." - Elizabeth Coulombe

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See Tero in Le Soleil newspaper

Nouvelles - Tero dans le journal Le Soleil

April 2021

At Tero, the consumer is at the heart of all product development and decisions.

"We have the ability to put ourselves in the shoes of people who want to use the product and make it as easy to use as possible." - Elizabeth Coulombe

Within a few years, the goal is for the Tero appliance to become part of people's lifestyle and to have taken its place in every kitchen, just like a microwave.

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Tero is featured in the Journal Métro

Tero fait la manchette dans le Journal Métro

August 2021

"Two Quebec entrepreneurs have invented Tero, a small device for composting organic waste that can be placed on kitchen counters. Ergonomic and efficient, it reduces food waste by 90% and creates a natural fertilizer in just three hours."

In this article, learn about the different features of the Tero as well as the benefits of opting for this food waste recycling solution.

The device stands out from traditional composting by being easy to use, quick to transform waste and its odourless and fly-free process.

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