Tero stands out in the media outside Quebec in 2021

Nouvelles - Tero se démarque dans les médias hors Québec en 2021

Tero is featured in the Toronto Sun

Nouvelles - On parle de Tero dans le Toronto Sun

April 2021

"What makes it so unique is that it’s odourless, low-noise with a drying technology that allows every person and family – whether in an apartment, condo or house – to make a positive impact on the environment."

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An article about Tero in the Vancouver Sun and 16 other online articles

Un article sur Tero paraît dans le Vancouver Sun et 16 autres articles en ligne anglophones

September 2021

When Valerie and Elizabeth created Tero, it was to offer a solution to people who, like them, have neither access to an outdoor yard nor to a municipal organic waste collection service.

Today, the Tero project has grown significantly and is open to anyone who wants to do their part for the environment by reducing their organic waste at home.

"We wanted to create something that was easy for everyone.” - Elizabeth Coulombe

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Discover Tero in the National Post and 68 other medias

Nouvelles - Découvrez Tero dans le National Post et 68 autres médias anglophones

September 2021

"A revolution in food waste management is set to transform Canadian kitchens. Tero, the multi award winning countertop food recycler, is now available"

Find out how it works and why you should get it now in this online article.

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Tero is featured in other medias outside Quebec


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