Tero participates in several podcasts in 2021

Tero participe à plusieurs podcasts en 2021

Tero on the podcast series Sur un 10 cents

Nouvelles - Tero à l'émission Sur un 10 cents

CrEdit : Marc-Olivier Bécotte / Photomontage: Sébastien Dorion
April 2021

Elizabeth and Valérie had the chance to speak with Rose-Aimée Automne T. Morin on the first episode of the podcast series Sur un 10 cents, which looks at how entrepreneurs had to quickly change their ways to thrive!

They discussed the birth of the Tero project and the crowdfunding campaign that raised $1.75M. 

Listen to the episode (French only) 

Elizabeth and Valerie discuss on the Ca$hMire podcast

Nouvelles - Tero au podcast Ca$hMire

June 2020

Elizabeth Coulombe and Valérie Laliberté also appeared on the Ca$hMire June 2020 podcast.

They spoke in detail about their mission to deliver over 5500 food waste processing devices to their clients as well as the organization's growth plan.

Listen to the episode (French only)


Tero on the Fables d'entrepreneurs podcast

Nouvelles - Tero au podcast Fables d'entrepreneurs de Québec International

June 2020

In this new podcast from Québec International, Elizabeth and Valérie - co-founders of Tero - discussed with Émile Émond the different challenges of taking the plunge into the world of entrepreneurship.

The takeaways? "You have to be daring, not afraid to break down doors and ask for help."

Listen to the episode (French only)


Tero talks on the Mâche-patate des Urbainculteurs podcast

 Nouvelles - Tero au podcast Mâche Patate des Urbainculteurs

July 2020

Tero's co-founder and Product Manager - Valérie Laliberté - spoke with Les Urbainculteurs.

As part of the Mâche-patate podcast, the discussion focuses on composting, gardening and the possibility of recycling organic waste in all types of homes with Tero.

The episode takes you into the world of the company, demystifies the world of product design and most importantly, explains the difference between compost and natural fertilizer! 

Listen to the episode (French only)