10 Good Reasons to Choose Tero

10 bonnes raisons de choisir le Tero

The Tero is a small countertop appliance with a sleek design that transforms organic matter into natural fertilizer. With its unique technology, the process is fast and odourless.

However, Tero cannot escape competitors joining the market, and the new solutions available raise an important question: how does Tero stand out from other food waste recyclers?

Discover all the key advantages of the Tero device in this article!

Table of contents

  1. Two colours to choose from
  2. A basic model and a connected model
  3. An award-winning design that stands out
  4. Dimensions that adapt to your kitchen
  5. Simple and easy to use in 3 steps
  6. Temperature-controlled air circulation
  7. The engine's power
  8. The difference without odours
  9. A fully eco-friendly device
  10. A fertilizer ready for the garden

1. Two colours to choose from

When adding a new appliance to your kitchen, you want it to match the décor and complement your surrounding kitchen elements. That’s why at Tero, we are the only ones to offer our appliance in two colour options: white and black 

While the black coating offers a chic look, the white one is more traditional and has been tested to resist UV rays that cause discolouration.

Blogue Tero - 2 choix de couleurs

2. A basic model and a connected model

At Tero, we are driven by the desire to push innovation and technology further. That’s why we decided to launch the only connected model on the food recycler market: the Tero Plus.

Equipped with Wi-Fi functionality connected to a mobile application, this model offers an enhanced eco-friendly experience.

The app is available on smartphones and offers many additional options, including the ability to:

  • Control the device remotely
  • Program customized cycles
  • Retrieve information about your cycles
  • Monitor the life of your anti-odour filter
  • Find out how much waste is transformed and diverted from landfills
  • Perform frequent device updates
  • And more!

Click here to learn more.

3. An award-winning design that stands out

Conceived by two product designers, the Tero stands out with its clean, modern, sleek design and curves.

The industry has recognized it by awarding it several prizes and distinctions at the 14th edition of the Grands Prix du Design. This prestigious ceremony is known to offer great visibility and international exposure to the winners.

Tero’s aesthetics, creativity and functionality charmed the jury in the three industrial design categories in which Tero was entered, namely:

  1. Consumer Product
  2. Kitchen and bathroom products
  3. Electronic and technological product

In total, the appliance won three Golden Awards, three Platinum Awards and a renowned International Grand Prize.

Blogue Tero - Valérie et Elizabeth aux 14e Grands Prix du Design

4. Dimensions that adapt to your kitchen

A new countertop appliance should also have the right shape while still leaving plenty of room for cooking.

Such is the case with the Tero, which stands out for its elongated, ergonomic shape and compact size that leaves plenty of counter space for cooking. The shape of the bucket makes it possible to deposit your food waste from a cutting board or a plate without making a mess.

It also has the best appliance volume to recycled waste ratio in the industry, processing three times more waste at a time than the competition. So you can reduce your environmental impact in the kitchen faster.

Blogue Tero - Des dimensions adaptées à la cuisine

5. Simple and easy to use in 3 steps

Composting outdoors is not easy; you need to stir it regularly, make sure you mix green and brown waste and maintain it frequently to avoid odours. Plus, you need to wait between 9 and 12 months before harvesting the finished product. As for winter composting, it’s very complex, if not impossible.

With Tero, say goodbye to all these irritants and do your part for the environment by recycling your organic waste very easily and quickly, in only 3 steps:

  1. Fill the machine with your food waste during the week.
  2. Press the Start button and let the cycle run for 3 to 8 hours.
  3. Collect your ready-to-use natural fertilizer.

The Tero is therefore a revolution in composting, offering an alternative solution that transforms organic waste into natural fertilizer.

Its automatic technology, which starts at the touch of a button, runs a cycle that lasts between 3 and 8 hours. Intelligent sensors inside the device detect when the material is ready to be collected and then end the cycle.

Blogue Tero - Une utilisation simple et facile en 3 étapes

6. Temperature-controlled air circulation

Thanks to its unique and patented drying technology, the Tero unit processes food waste 2 times faster than the competition.

In addition, the controlled heat input during the cycle eliminates all pathogens contained in the food, while producing a nutrient-rich fertilizer.

It’s therefore possible to process animal products (meat, fish, and cheese) without any danger, unlike traditional composting.

Blogue Tero - Une circulation d'air à température contrôlée

7. The engine's power

The Tero’s robust motor propels eight blades to grind and pulverize tough waste, including avocado pits, small bones (chicken wings and carcass, fish bones) and corn cobs.

Combined with the heating system, the sturdiness and efficiency of the blades reduce the volume of your food waste by 90%.

At the end of the cycle, you get a dry and fine natural fertilizer, since 90% of the material has a granulometry of less than 3 millimetres. It is therefore absorbed more quickly by the soil, to then release its nutrients and feed the plants.  

Blogue Tero - La puissance du moteur

8. The difference without odours

The Tero is equipped with a triple-action anti-odour filtration system consisting of activated carbon granules, an activated carbon dust filter and a gasket seal.

The combination of these three elements ensures that no odours are released before, during and after a cycle. It is therefore possible to process all types of food waste, even the smelliest (meat, fish, citrus fruits, etc.), while maintaining a clean and odourless kitchen.

The Tero also stands out for the eco-friendly aspect of its anti-odour filter, since the silicone cartridge is reusable: only the carbon granules need to be replaced. Once they are outdated, they can be mixed with Tero’s natural fertilizer, as they are a good soil amendment.

Blogue Tero - La différence sans odeurs

9. A fully eco-friendly device

The Tero was designed and conceived to be eco-responsible, both in its fabrication and its operation. It was conceived by two Quebec entrepreneurs, is entirely made in Quebec City and most of the parts used are locally sourced.

In terms of power consumption, the Tero is energy efficient and consumes less than 1kWh per 3-8 hour cycle. On average, a full processing cycle will consume 600w. By starting the Tero twice a week, it totals an average annual energy consumption of 65kWh, which is comparable to that of a coffee maker used for 5 minutes each day.

Moreover, the Tero was designed to fight against programmed obsolescence, the life span of its parts varying between 5 to 10 years. Our objective is that the Tero, which recycles food waste, does not become a waste in itself, and that’s why we do everything possible to ensure that its life cycle is as long as possible.

Finally, it’s one of the few small appliances – all categories included - designed to be easily repairable. No glue or welding was used in its making, so it’s very simple and quick to repair. We offer an efficient repair service, in addition to a 1-year warranty.

Blogue Tero - Un appareil écoresponsable sur toute la ligne

10. A fertilizer ready for the garden

The result of a Tero processing cycle is a natural fertilizer rich in nutrients comparable to a commercial organic fertilizer. It has a similar composition of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) (2.7; 1.6; 2.2).

No additives should be added to the natural fertilizer before, during or after a cycle. Once the material is collected, it can be used directly in all your green spaces: outdoor plants, vegetable garden, lawn, flowerbeds, etc. In winter, it can also be stored in an airtight container, where it can be kept for more than 1 year.

The Tero only transforms food waste. Rather than developing a cycle that can transform bioplastics, we prefer to educate our customers on the importance of reducing the consumption of this material and finding alternative solutions more environmentally responsible, such as reusable dishes.

To learn more about the Tero natural fertilizer and its use, click here.

Blogue Tero - Un fertilisant prêt pour le jardin

A pioneer in the countertop composter market, Tero stands out for its unique design, its powerful and patented technology, and its ease of use.

It will quickly become your best friend in the kitchen and will naturally become part of your daily routine to reduce the environmental impact of your waste.

To buy yours now, click here.


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j’attends qu’il soit dispo! alors veuillez ns aviser lorsque votre produit pourra être livré.


May 03, 2022 • Posted by Éric Touchette

Je suis intéressé au Tero plus mais attendre jusqu’au mois d’août…Je préfère payer quand il sera disponible.Je suis très intéressé mais c’est le délai qui me bloque.J’ai beaucoup lu et ça semble très intéressant et pratique.L’idée est excellente et un produit d’ici en plus .Juste m’avertir quand ça sera plus rapide et je le prend tous de suite.

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