Zero Waste Halloween With Tero

Une Halloween zéro déchet avec Tero

Halloween is a key moment in autumn and can be celebrated in several ways. Some people go trick-or-treating with their families, others throw costume parties with their friends, while the more daring binge watch horror movies.

No matter how you celebrate Halloween, your different preparations leading up to October 31st can create a lot of waste that we believe can be avoided.

That's why this year we would like to highlight some simple and effective ideas for celebrating, dressing up and enjoying treats without neglecting our planet.

1. Decorations

Reuse or swap rather than buy

When it comes to putting up Halloween decorations, there's no need to head to the shop. Instead, dig through the ones from previous years to find little treasures that can be used again this year!

You can also choose the ones you want to get rid of and visit your family, friends or neighbours and exchange decorations. A tombstone in exchange for a skull, how about that?


Homemade options

If you’re a more creative type, you can make your own beautiful decorations with, for example, still life elements: branches, leaves, plants, rocks, etc.

Other objects found in the cupboards can also be used as thematic ornaments, such as orange or black fabric scraps.

Some items from your current setup can even take on a very Halloween feel: orange vases and trinkets, bunches of leaves and cattails, a black tablecloth, etc. All it takes is a little imagination!  

Décorations d'Halloween faites à la main avec de la nature morte

Think local and sustainable

If you don't have any decorations on hand and want to start an inventory for years to come, choose durable decorations that won't break after one season. To do this, avoid the dollar shops and go to a local shop with more eco-friendly standards.  

2. Pumpkins

Store your pumpkins to cook them... or plant them!

A must have for Halloween, you can find pumpkins on almost every corner around October 31st.

To make sure they last longer, don’t carve them too much in advance and remove any edible parts, such as seeds and flesh. By keeping them intact for decorative purposes, you will prevent them from rotting quickly.

Pumpkin seeds and flesh can easily be cooked: roasted pumpkin seeds, soups, cakes, muffins, purées, etc. Once well washed, even the skin can be cooked. Here are some recipes that will certainly inspire you:

Did you know that you can also save your pumpkin seeds and replant them once spring arrives? For more details on how to do this, you can read “How to Grow Pumpkins” in this article of the Laidback Gardener.

Don't throw your pumpkins in the trash

Once November 1st comes around, it's time to get rid of your decorated pumpkins. But how you might ask! First, you can find out if your town offers a waste collection service.

If so, you can dispose of your pumpkins along with your leaves, twigs, grass trimmings, etc. and ensure that they are recycled properly.

Another great option is to give them a second life with the Tero! In just 3 to 8 hours, the device turns organic matter into a natural fertilizer rich in nutrients for plants, lawns, and gardens. Completely odourless, its unique and automatic technology makes it possible to recover your food waste and contribute to the richness of the soil.

The pumpkin peel, once cut into pieces of about 1 to 2 inches, can be transformed into fertilizer by the Tero device. For best results, mix it with other organic waste material that can be added to your Tero device.

Since some pumpkins can be quite large, we recommend that you process them in several cycles and store the leftovers in the refrigerator until you put them in the Tero.

Steps to transform a pumpkin in the Tero device

3. Costumes

Bring out the relics of the past

Some people think about their Halloween costume months in advance, others choose it on the same day. In any case, it is better to rummage through your own wardrobe that of your parents or your friends to make an original and eco-friendly outfit.

You can also pick up a costume used in recent years, repair it, remake it or accessorize it differently to give it a whole new style. Nothing beats a handmade costume to stand out and impress those around you!

Costumes de Grease et de cartes à jouer faits à la main

Rent or buy responsibly

Another great option is to go to a costume rental shop. There you will find a range of choices and encourage reuse rather than buying new.

Finally, if you’re still missing a few things for your outfit, you can visit different online marketplaces, such as Facebook Marketplace or Kijiji. There are also Facebook groups for swapping or selling clothes where you can find beautiful second-hand accessories.

Finally, don't forget the thrift stores, which are full of finds that can quickly become extraordinary Halloween costumes.

4. Candies

More candies, less waste

When it's time to stock up on treats, consider packaging-free options. For example, many shops offer bulk candy, which you can then place in recyclable paper bags or reusable dishes.

Another alternative is to opt for sweets packaged in small cardboard boxes, rather than those wrapped in plastic.

Bonbons en vrac et sacs de bonbons écolos pour l'Halloween

REMINDER: It is strongly advised not to process your candies and treats in the Tero device, as the very sticky texture will not give an optimal end result. Instead, share your treats with others! 

All these easy tips and tricks will turn Halloween into an eco-friendly fun party!

Whether it’s for your decorations, costumes or treats, you can avoid producing new waste and encourage reuse, sharing and exchange rather than spending.

And for your pumpkins don’t forget that the Tero device remains a good solution for recycling and recovering your waste thanks to its fast, automatic, and odourless technology!



Nov 08, 2021 • Posted by Sylvie Cantin

Merci pour toutes ces informations utiles. J’attends mon Tero puis mes 2 filtres avec impatience. Je l’espérais pour fin octobre justement pour recycler ma citrouille. Très hâte !
À bientôt !
Sylvie Cantin

Nov 08, 2021 • Posted by Sylvie Cantin

Merci pour toutes ces informations utiles. J’attends mon Tero puis mes 2 filtres avec impatience. Je l’espérais pour fin octobre justement pour recycler ma citrouille. Très hâte !
À bientôt !
Sylvie Cantin

Nov 08, 2021 • Posted by Daniel Fugère

J’aimerais savoir quand mon tero va arriver

Oct 22, 2021 • Posted by Sylvie Michaud

J’aimerai savoir quand est-ce que je vais recevoir mon Tero. En attente depuis le début.

Oct 20, 2021 • Posted by Jonathan Bergeron

Bonjour, doit-on donc comprendre que seule la pelure de la citrouille peut aller dans le Tero ? Pas les fibres et la chair ? Pas les graines ? Merci !

Oct 20, 2021 • Posted by Dawn Kessenich

Thanks for sharing this post! Loved it. Very informative. I always make soup and freeze. Good to know that skin can go into the Tero! Can’t wait to get mine soon hopefully? Supposed and expecting mine at the end of October. This will be so useful to use with my lots of pumpkin waste!!!! Hope it will be delivered very soon. Can’t wait. 😀🎃🎃🎃
Warmest regards,
Dawn Kessenich😀🎃

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