8 Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas From Quebec

8 idées-cadeaux écolos et québécoises

The holiday season is one of the favourite times of the year for many of us. The decorations, the music, the first snowfall, everything is magic! However, when the time comes to buy gifts for our loved ones, we can be overwhelmed by a wave of stress because we want to find THE right option to please those that we love.  

You should know that it’s possible to give a gift that will please a loved one and that will also please the planet. This year, the entire Tero team believes that this is the perfect opportunity to opt for responsible and local purchases. This is why we wanted to help you in your research by offering you a list of eight gift ideas that meet these criteria.

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P.S.: This article is in no way an advertisement and no partnership has been established with any of these companies.


1. Eco-friendly Sets for the Kitchen



The two young entrepreneurs behind the Dans le sac company, Laurie and Stéphanie, wish to offer sustainable alternatives and become a positive model for environmental issues. Educating and giving back to the community are part of their core values. 

This year, Dans le sac is offering you eco-friendly gift sets that will make your daily life easier: an ecological dish brush, bulk bag, stain remover soap, Kliin dish towels and paper towels and much more. You will also find reusable fabric wrapping to wrap your gifts in style without producing waste.

Several different sets are available, from the kitchen set to the zero waste kit. It is the perfect gift for the cleaning and cooking enthusiast or for those who wish to make the transition to a green alternative that does good to the health and the environment.

Price range: Between $15 and $75

Site web: https://danslesac.co


2. An Alternative to Disposable Paper Towels



It’s not for nothing that Dans le sac offers Kliin paper towels and tea towels in its gift sets. It’s a perfect alternative to transition to a more eco-responsible kitchen.

This company, founded by Marie-Pierre Bérubé, an entrepreneur from Quebec, offers reusable and compostable paper towels in 28 days. Machine washable up to 300 times, the Kliin paper towel holds up to 15 times its weight in liquids. You can buy them in four different sizes, choose from a variety of designs, and opt for an individual paper towel or a set of several.

For the Kliin team, the goal is simple: to change the world, one paper towel at a time. Moreover, the company’s involvement with Polybel high school, which notably helps students with an autism spectrum disorder, is inspiring. As part of the pre-employment training, students with difficulties participate in the packaging of Kliin products.

Price range: Between $5 and $105

Website: https://en.kliin.co/

3. A Smarter Cleaner



The entrepreneur from Quebec behind the success of Kanevas customizable bags strikes once again. Marie-Hélène offers Filo cleansing tablets, which can be mixed with 500 ml of water to create an effective and eco-friendly cleaner. They are available in four fragrances and for different household uses.

The company is proud to “revolutionize the old household products industry”. By marketing products without water or the use of plastic, it considerably reduces its production of CO2. In addition, Filo tablets are 100% natural, vegan and replace cleaners that are harmful to health and the planet since they don’t contain any carcinogenic or toxic products.

tablets are available online and in bulk at various outlets across the province. You can also complement this gift with a 16 oz glass bottle to hold your cleanser.

Price range:
between $3 and $15

Website: https://filo.earth/en


4. Alternative Packaging



Beeswax packaging has been popular for some time. However, this isn’t the only greener option for storing leftover food. The Quebec-established company La Fabrik Éco, born from the desire of two sisters to reduce their ecological footprint, notably offers a reusable cloth flat cover. This is a very attractive option for those who wish to stop the use of disposable plastic wrap.

The flat cover washes easily, dries quickly, and comes in four different colours and sizes. It is made from the PUL fabric, which stands out for its waterproof and breathable properties. In addition to not containing any toxic material such as lead or BPA, it is knitted in Quebec.

You can get your hands on this gift idea individually or as a set of four.

Price range:
between $10 and $65

Website: https://www.lafabrikeco.com


5. Grow Microgreens at Home



For amateur gardeners or for those who set up a vegetable garden each season, the Novagrow device is made for you. Hand assembled in Montreal, this indoor garden allows you to grow herbs and vegetable sprouts right at home. It also saves you from unnecessary packaging in the grocery store and waste due to large quantities sold in packages.

Available in two formats, the Novagrow offers you a wide variety of organic seeds from around the world. The possibility of ‘cultivating with ease’ is what the entrepreneurs from Quebec behind this project want to offer their customers. It's the perfect solution to take the first steps towards food self-sufficiency and add a touch of flavour to your favourite dishes.

The delivery of the devices ordered by Christmas is scheduled from January 2021.

Price range:
between $245 and $435 – Possibility to pay in 2 instalments

Website: https://novagrow.io/en/


6. Liven up Your Space



Two entrepreneurs from Quebec are behind Plantzy, an online store and a workshop boutique in Montreal. This company offers a wide range of plants, but also kits to create a home terrarium.

Available in two different options, desert or tropical, this kit includes a glass ball, soil, rocks and small plants. The perfect option for the gardening enthusiast or for those who want to create a living decoration from any room. In addition, adding plants to your living space improves air quality, amplifies your well-being and creates a pleasant environment.

Driven by the desire to offer a solution to brighten up people’s environment, Plantzy also offers online courses as well as a book that provides a guide for “living in harmony with your plants”.

Price range:
between $2.50 and $50 online (prices vary in store)

Website: https://en.plantzy.com/


7. Give Paper a Second Life



The Flowerink company was founded in 2017 by Mélanie, an entrepreneur from Montreal who is passionate about stationery. That’s why she and her team offer you seeded paper in different forms: greeting cards, calendars, posters, bookmarks, business cards and more. You can even submit your own personalized project.

This year, why not offer your loved ones an original, local and eco-responsible greeting card? Not only can it be planted to become a non-GMO flower or herb, but all the manufacturing materials used are eco-friendly and the paper is made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper.

How it works? You just have to plant your paper in a pot containing soil, and just add water to moisten it. Then put your container in a place where there is a lot of light and you’re done!

Price range: between $4 and $60

Website: https://flowerink.ca/


8. Easily Reduce Waste



Finally, a great useful, eco-responsible, and sustainable alternative to offer to your loved ones is the brand new Tero gift card. This can be used on our website to purchase a Tero*, sold for $595CAD + taxes.

Designed by the two entrepreneurs from Quebec Elizabeth and Valérie, the Tero is a small countertop appliance that enhances your food waste by transforming it into natural fertilizer. In just four to eight hours, you’ll have fertilizer that can be used in your vegetable patch, outdoor plants, or garden.

Offered in electronic format to reduce our ecological footprint, several options are available to suit any budget.

*Delivery of pre-ordered devices is scheduled for fall 2021.

Price range:
between $100 and $500 

ebsite: https://teroproducts.com/en 


All of these gift suggestions are a great way to spoil your loved ones while taking serious actions for your community and the environment. This year is the perfect opportunity to offer a useful, sustainable and eco-responsible gift.

The entire Tero team wishes you a Happy Holiday Season!


By: Claudia Larose


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