Tero natural fertilizer

An eco-responsible fertilization alternative

Why buy fertilizer in the store when you can make it at home from our organic waste? Thanks to the Tero device, reduce your environmental impact by transforming your food waste into natural fertilizer.

The fertilizing material harvested at the end of the cycle is composed of dehydrated and crushed organic matter, but still very rich in nutrients. It is comparable to a commercial organic fertilizer and can be used in your outdoor plants, your vegetable garden or directly on the lawn.

From food waste to fertilizer

Reduce the volume of your waste in 3 quick and easy steps.


Put all types of food waste gathered throughout the week, including animal materials.


Press Start. In just a few hours, its odourless and low-noise technology reduces the volume of your food waste by almost 90%.


The result: a dry, natural and nutrient-rich fertilizer for plants, lawns and gardens.

The benefits of Tero's fertilizer

Low environmental impact

Avoid the purchase of plastic bags of fertilizer or fertilizer and no longer impact your soil with polluting solutions by giving a second life to your organic waste.

100% natural

Say goodbye to chemical fertilizers made from chemically transformed substances by adopting Tero natural fertilizer. Avoid burning the roots of your plants and harming beneficial organisms in the soil.

Rich in nutrients

Tero Natural Fertilizer is rich in nutrients, which vary depending on processed foods. It contains nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.


Obtain a total biomass gain of 85%, longer and thicker plant roots, fuller foliage and better leaf coloration.

Learn how to use it

In this demo video, learn how to store and use your fertilizer.

Proven effectiveness

In 2020, Biopterre, Bioproducts Development Center, carried out laboratory tests with the natural fertilizer Tero on lettuce plants. After 38 days in the greenhouse and with 5.5% Tero™ fertilizing material in the soil, significant benefits are observed:

• A total gain in biomass of 85%
• Fuller and longer plant roots
• Fuller foliage and better leaf coloring

The components of the fertilizer


• Major constituent of proteins inside the plant • Affects plant growth and yield • Chlorophyll production (the green colour of plants)


• Maintaining plant structure • Affects plant growth


• Acts on the extraction of water by the roots • Ensures the correct structure of the stem

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