Loaning conditions for the Tero device

Fonctionnement : Anyone who meets the requirements can apply to participate in the Tero Loaner/Trial program. Candidates must complete a form where their application will be evaluated. If the application is accepted, Tero will contact the candidate to determine the terms and conditions of the agreement, such as the period of the loan. Once completed, Tero will proceed with the shipment of a Tero device. If the applicant wishes to keep the device after the established term, he/she has the option to purchase the device at a reduced price. The discount may vary and will be determined prior to or following the loan. 

Échange de visibilité : En échange du prêt de l’appareil pendant une durée prédéterminée, le·la candidat·e s’engage à créer et distribuer du contenu pour promouvoir Tero (Article de journal, entrevue télé, capsule radio, promotion sur les réseaux sociaux, etc.).  

Affiliation: An affiliate link can be shared with the candidate for commission rewards. 

Achat : In the event of a purchase following a loan, the candidate will have to provide us with his/her contact information by the last week of the loan, so that Tero can claim the amount to be paid for his/her Tero. The payment process will be done through the Shopify platform. For example, if the loan is for 12 weeks, the candidate will have to provide his/her contact information at the 11th semaine.