Tero Gift Cards Use and Purchase Policy

Last update: November 23, 2020 

Website users may purchase electronic Tero Gift Cards to purchase Tero products available on the website (the “Tero Gift Card”).

Once issued, The Tero Gift Card has no expiration date. It is not possible to purchase a Tero Gift Card using another Tero Gift Card. Please note that the Tero Gift Card is not reloadable. 


If the amount of a purchase exceeds the balance remaining on your Tero Gift Card, the amount remaining to be paid must be paid with a second method of payment accepted by Tero. 


When purchasing a Tero Gift Card, no delivery charges or taxes are payable. The Tero Gift Card is emailed to the buyer a few minutes after purchase. The email received by the buyer includes the buyer’s first and last names, the Tero Gift Card activation code, the amount credited to it as well as the steps to follow to use it. 


The Tero Gift Card cannot be returned or cancelled after purchase, nor can it be refunded in cash (except as provided by law). Any eligible refund on a purchase made with a Tero Gift Card will be made through the issuance of a new Tero GiftCard of the same amount. If you return a product purchased in part using a Tero Gift Card, the refund will be credited, in part, to a new Tero Gift Card. 


Note that Tero reserves the right to cancel or suspend any Tero Gift Card issued in error or obtained fraudulently. 


The risk of loss and the responsibility for the Tero Gift Card is transferred to the purchaser upon electronic transmission of the Tero Gift Card. Tero is not responsible in the event that a Tero Gift Card is lost, stolen, damaged or used without your consent. 


To see the remaining balance on your Tero Gift Card, please add a product to your cart, then click “Checkout” and continue to the delivery details step. At this step, enter your gift card code and see the discount applied. This is your balance. Do not proceed with the purchase if you only wish to view the balance of your Tero Gift Card. You can always contact us at info@teroproducts.com


We reserve the right to modify, replace or update any part of this policy at anytime and without notice. For any questions or if you need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@teroproducts.com


Make sure you have your order number or the email address you used for your purchase handy.