Removal of 5kg of CO2 from the atmosphere via Climeworks

With the purchase of a Tero device, 5kg of CO2, or the equivalent of a week of waste produced by a Canadian, will be removed from the atmosphere.

What is Climeworks?

Climeworks is a technology called "direct air capture" to capture carbon dioxide directly from the air. When extracted air is combined with underground storage, it enables the permanent removal of excess and legacy CO₂ emissions, which can no longer contribute to climate change.

The benefits of CO2 capture

Direct air capture and storage is one of many carbon dioxide removal technologies (i.e. Negative Emissions Technologies or NETs), but compared to other solutions, Climeworks technology offers a permanent, effective, measurable and safe option.

How will the purchase work

For each purchase of a Tero, a "Remove 5kg of CO" product will be added to your cart and is equivalent to a purchase of $7.50 on Climeworks. We will purchase a withdrawal plan from Climeworks once the initiative is complete.